Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift, A - RuneScape Guide (2024)



Quest Requirements:

Fairy Tale Part II - Cure a Queen

Skill/Other Requirements:

54 Farming
51 Thieving
59 Magic
37 Summoning
36 Crafting

Quests Unlocked/Partially Unlocked by completing this Quest:

Ritual of the Mahjarrat

Items Needed at Quest Start:

Dramen or Lunar Staff, Nuff's certificate

Items Needed to Complete Quest:

Bucket of milk.

Items Recommended for Quest:

Food, Armor, and Potions.

Items Acquired During Quest:

Hammer, Secateurs, Tooth extractor, Gnarly, Fairy dossier, Bre'egth's tooth, Mango, Mango with tooth, Gromblod's tooth, Shredflesh's tooth, Fairy wand, Magic watering can.

Quest Points:



11,000 Farming XP, 11,000 Thieving XP, 11,000 Magic XP, 1,000 Summoning XP, 1,000 Crafting XP, Free access to Zanaris Market, Magic Watering Can, the ability to use the Fairy Ring Network without the use of a Dramen or Lunar Staff, and 2 free keys for Treasure Hunter.

Start Point:

Inside of the Fairy Headquarters.

To Start:

Speak to the Fairy Queen after your encounter with Fairy Very Wise.


  1. Take any Fairy Ring around RuneScape whilst wielding a Dramen/Lunar Staff to be magically teleported to a secure location (or take the fairy ring to the Fairy Resistance HQ). Speak to Fairy Very Wise who will inform you on the situation at Zanaris and the Fairy Queen. Agree to aid her and she will redirect you to the Fairy Queens Hideout.

    Note: if you've just completed Fairy Tale Part II, you may not get teleported to the secure location where Fairy Very Wise is. In that case, ensure you go through each of the 4 codes to get to the Fairy Resistance HQ (instead of using the shortcut which takes you to the HQ in one go). To reset the shortcut to start at the first code of the sequence, either: logout and back in, travel to the HQ in one go then back to Zanaris and then to the HQ again, or enter the code sequence manually.

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  2. Once inside the Headquarters, head northeast and speak to the Fairy Queen. She will formally start the Quest and introduce you to the Tooth Fairy, who will then lay out the battle plan to overthrow the Fairy Godfather. She will tell you to turn on the Projector to learn of the secret plan.

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  3. The Tooth Fairy will then ask you to recover her wand to start the operation. To do this you must make a Tooth Extractor by simply using a Hammer on a pair of Secateurs. Go to the storage room to the northwest and pick them up from the boxes if you don't have them. Use the Hammer with the Secateurs to get the Tooth extractor.

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  4. Head back to the Fairy Ring and travel back to Zanaris. Go to the building northwest of the bank and use your Tooth Extractor on the door to unlock it. Proceed inside the building and speak with Gnarly.

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  5. Gnarly will refuse to give you the wand unless you can convince him otherwise. A small bar will then appear on the top of your screen. Offer Gnarly compliments until the bar is at full happiness. Gnarly will then ask for some Milk. Use a Bucket of Milk on Gnarly and he will offer up the wand (you can buy a bucket in the general store nearby and milk a dairy cow to the east). He will also want you to take him back to the Tooth Fairy. Pick him up and make your way back to the Tooth Fairy.
  6. Head back to the Fairy Resistance HQ and give Gnarly to the Tooth Fairy. She will ask you to watch the Projector to learn how to defeat the Orks. The Tooth Fairy will tell you that you must remove one of your own teeth, and have a magical one put in its place. Agree and stand on the yellow flowers to the south. Use the Wave emote to begin the process. Once completed, she will hand you a Fairy Dosier with details of the Ork's you must defeat.

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    1. General Bre'egth is located just to the south of the Zanaris windmill. Speak to her about the missing tooth and she will tell you that she lost it during a victorious battle with K'Chunk, who was banished. Speak to one of the Ork Minions who will inform you where and how K'Chunk was banished.

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    2. Head South back to the Fairy Ring and speak to Fairy Fixit. She will tell you the Fairy Ring Code "D I P" is where K'Chunk was banished. Use the nearby Fairy Ring to travel to this location.
    3. Once you arrive on the Island, speak to K'Chunk and ask him about the tooth. He will tell you that he keeps it safe in a pouch. Pickpocket him to receive the Tooth and leave.
    1. Take the Fairy Ring to the Enchanted Valley "B K Q." Go south and speak to the Wood Dryad to learn that General Gromblod is in the valley. Talk to General Gromblod and he will tell you that all he really wants are some Mangos. Offer to help him obtain some of the exotic fruit.

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    2. Speak to the Dryad located north near the waterfall, and she will cast a spell allowing you to access the Mango's with the Fairy Ring Code "C L R".

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    3. Go back to the fairy rings and teleport to the Mango tree. Once there, pick a fruit from the tree and head back to the Enchanted Valley. Take this back to Gromblod and give it to him. The Mango will dislodge his tooth and he will hurl it away. Head over to it and pick it up to recover the tooth and Mango. Use the Tooth Extractor on the Mango to remove the Tooth.

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    1. Take the Fairy Ring to Gu'Tanoth (A L P) and speak to General Shredflesh. He will tell you about the pain in his tooth but will not let you extract it for him.
    2. Keep talking to him about the pain and then offer to remove it for him, but he will still not be convinced. You must motivate him into letting you take it out. Just like you did with Gnarly, a bar will pop up on your screen and you must convince General Shredflesh. Once the bar is full, you will remove the tooth.

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  7. Now that you have obtained all three teeth, head back to the Fairy Resistance HQ and speak to the Tooth Fairy. She will have yet another briefing for you to watch, explaining how to take down the Fairy Godfather. She will also give you her magical wand that you'll need for the final battle. Now is the time where you want to prepare to fight. Head to the Bank and get some food, good armor, and potions if necessary. Be sure that you also bring all of the items you've received with you too.
  8. Once ready, go to the Fairy Ring and enter the following code: B I R, D I P, C L R, A L P. This will take you to the Godfathers hideout. Look through the vines to see what the Fairy Godfather is up to. Once done, the Tooth Fairy will come and give you tactics on how to defeat the Godfather.

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  9. When you are finally ready, sneak your way through the wall. It is recommended that you turn on protection prayers right away, as you will be attacked by multiple enemies. You must plant the Teeth into each farming patch and defeat the Ork Generals and Minions before you can remove the shield from The Godfather. If any of the plants get damaged by the Orks, you will need to use your wand to heal them. To do this, have your Fairy wand equipped and click on the plant (or follower once it has grown). Each click will heal them a little bit, so you may spam click to heal them faster. Once all of your tooth followers are fully grown and all of the other Orks are defeated, you are free to take on the Fairy Godfather.

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  10. After you have dealt enough damage and defeated the Fairy Godfather, speak to him and a cut scene will start. He will be sucked into the rift, and his evil energy will make it explode. The Fairy Queen will then teleport you safely back to their Headquaters.
  11. Speak to the Fairy Queen to claim the first half of your reward. She will then tell you Martin the Master Gardener in Draynor would also like to see you, and she will offer to teleport you there. Speak to him to claim your final reward.

    Congratulations, Quest Complete!

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After-Quest Rewards

Ring Code: ALP

A new shortcut to an area south of Jiggig. Use a pickaxe on the rocks directly north of the fairy ring to uncover this shortcut.

Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift, A - RuneScape Guide (14)

Also in this cave is a treasure trove of herbs located in the south-eastern part of the cave for you to pick if your Herblore level is 85 or higher. It contains 7 Cadantines, 7 Dwarf weeds, 7 Ranarrs, 2 Ranarr seeds, 2 Dwarf weed seeds, and 3 Cadantine seeds. You need to have 24 free spaces in your backpack to receive the reward.

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Ring Code: CLR

A new shortcut from this fairy ring area directly to the Ape Atoll Agility course. You need to "unblock" the shortcut first. You also must wield a small ninja greegree in order for you to be able to use this shortcut. Does not require an agility level to use.

Ring Code: DIP

A new shortcut/entrance to Mos Le'Harmless. Requires a total of 16 nails and 8 planks and a hammer (the sacred clay hammer will not work for this). Go to the bridge on the fairy ring side and repair it first, by using half of the required materials. Then go to the Mos Le'Harmless side of the shortcut and repair it on that side. Now you have a shortcut to Mos Le'Harmless.

Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift, A - RuneScape Guide (16)

Also, you can create an endless fire with 85 Firemaking, 8 willow logs, and a tinderbox on the spent campfire. By creating the fire you will receive 10k Firemaking experience. Boosts cannot be used to make the fire.

Fairy Tale III - Battle at Ork's Rift, A - RuneScape Guide (17)

The Tooth Fairy surprise

She will offer you the chance to obtain a Milk tooth creature after you complete the quest! To receive this new pet you must go back to the Tooth Fairy (after the quest she is where the Godfather was before Fairy Tale part III). She will request 5 types of teeth for it: Kebbit teeth, Suqah teeth, Monkey dentures, a Human tooth, and a Old tooth. Kebbit teeth can be obtained from hunting kebbits in the arctic hunter area. Suqah teeth can be found as drops from Suqah;s on Moonclan Island. Monkey Dentures can be bought on Ape Atoll from the Magic vender (don't forget your greegree and 10 coins for them). Human teeth can be found in the beds in Gertrude's house west of Varrock. 'Old teeth' can be obtained from the Digsite (requires a rockpick, specimen jar, leather boots and gloves, trowel, and specimen brush). Once you have all these teeth bring them to the Tooth Fairy and she will give you your brand new pet. It feeds on Regular milk and Chocolate milk.

The Tooth Fairy will also buy the same teeth used to obtain your Milk tooth creature. 2k for Suqah teeth/'Old tooth', 50 gp for Monkey dentures, and 1 gp for Kebbit teeth.

Martin the Master Gardener's surprise

After completion of the quest, you can talk to Martin again to gain the ability for farmers around RuneScape to weed your patches for you as a token of their gratitude for saving their crops.

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