How to Deposit Checks on Chase App in 2023 (By ex-Banker) (2024)

Chase Bank’s mobile app is a great way to do your banking on the go. You can check your balance, send money to friends, and even deposit your checks!

Depositing your checks on the Chase App is simple: open the mobile app, log in, choose the account you want to deposit into and click mobile deposit. Chase will then walk you through the process of taking a picture of your check to send it into your account.

Many mobile apps have their own version of mobile deposit. Chase calls it Quick Deposit — for a good reason! Deposits made on the Chase Mobile App usually only take a business day or two to post in your account.

I don’t get too many checks these days — using Zelle or Venmo is a lot faster when sending or receiving money — but if I ever do get a check, I love depositing it on the Chase Mobile App. It saves me a trip to the bank and the funds are usually in my account in a similar timeframe.

If you want to know exactly how to deposit checks on Chase’s app, I’ll break it down step-by-step, with pictures:

How to Deposit Checks on Chase App (Step-by-Step, with Pictures)

1. Download Chase Bank’s Mobile App

If you don’t already have the app, head to Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store App. Type in “Chase” or “Chase Bank App” and it should be the first app to pop-up. You can tell it’s the legitimate Chase Bank mobile app by the iconic blue octagon.

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2. Open the App

Once you’ve downloaded the app onto your mobile device, open it up. If you’ve already had the app and are a frequent user, you’ll probably see your username prefilled into the login screen. I used “TopMobileBanksIsTheBest” as an example for this article.

3. Login or Create a Login if you’ve never logged in before

If you’ve used the app before, you’ll login with the same username and password you use every time. If you’re new to the Chase Bank mobile app, you can click “sign up” towards the bottom left hand portion of the screen.

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Note: you can only sign up for the mobile app if you already have accounts with Chase. To create your online banking login information, you’ll need your account and routing numbers as well.

To create a username, Chase requires 8-32 characters, with at least one letter and one number, and does not allow special characters.

Creating a password is a little trickier. Chase is pretty strict about their rules when you’re trying to create a password. You can’t have anything related to your personal information, so no birthdays, social security numbers, or addresses.

As always, keep your online login information secure and don’t share it with anyone. If you have fraud on your account because you gave your information away willingly, Chase has no obligation to refund you and may consider closing your accounts.

4. Choose the Account You Want to Deposit into and Swipe Left

Chase makes it easy to deposit checks into your accounts. You can deposit checks into both your checkings and savings accounts directly from the app, saving you from having to make a transfer.

Select the account you want the check to go into and swipe left.

5. Click the Three Dots

Once you’ve chosen the account you want to deposit into and swiped left, you’ll see three options: pay, transfer, and three dots. Clicking on the three dots will provide you with more options.

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6. Click Deposit Checks

This one’s pretty obvious. Click deposit checks to move onto the next step in depositing checks on the Chase App

7. Enter in Your Deposit Amount

While the amount of the check will be included in the picture you take later, Chase asks you to manually input the dollar amount of the check. This is to ensure they’ve read the right dollar amount on the check.

It will also ensure you get the right amount into your account. If you put in that your check is for $500 and the app somehow reads $50, you’ll know before the deposit has been made.

8. Make Sure the Front of the Check is Correct

Before taking a picture of your check and depositing it, make sure everything is correct. Double check that the check is made out to you and that your name is spelled correctly.

You’ll also want to make sure the written amount matches the numerical amount, as Chase and all banks alike negotiate the written amount first.

You’ll also want to make sure the date is within the past six months and that the writer of the check signed the bottom right hand portion.

9. Take a Picture of the Front of the Check

Before you capture the front of your check, the Chase mobile app will ask you two questions. The first is for permission to use your mobile device’s camera. If you want to deposit checks on the Chase App, you’ll have to click yes.

Next it will ask if you want to use manual or auto capture mode. Manuel capture mode will let you take the picture when you want, while auto capture mode will take the picture as soon as you line up the check within the outline the app gives you.

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I prefer manual capture mode, but the choice is up to you.

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10. Make Sure the Back of the Check is Properly Endorsed

Before taking a picture of the back of the check, make sure you endorse it correctly. If the check was made payable to a nickname, say “Nate” instead of “Nathan”, you’ll first want to sign in your nickname before signing your legal name under it.

After you sign it, write “for electronic deposit at Chase only” underneath your signature. Don’t worry about forgetting this part, as Chase will remind you with a handy screen I’ll be sure to include:

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11. Take a Picture of the Back of the Check

  1. Once the back of the check is properly endorsed, go ahead and take a picture of it.
How to Deposit Checks on Chase App in 2023 (By ex-Banker) (7)

12. Confirm Your Deposit

If there are any problems with the images you’ve taken, Chase will show you a screen asking you to retake them.

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If there aren’t any problems though, confirm the dollar amount you manually entered matches the dollar amount of the check and that your funds are headed to the right account.

After you’ve verified your deposit, hit confirm. If you’ve done everything correctly, you should see the funds in your account in 1-2 business days.

How Long Does Chase Mobile Check Deposit Take?

Many people think that if they deposit a check through the app it will take longer than depositing the check in person. As an ex-banker for Chase, I can confirm this is only true for accounts less than 90 days old.

If your account is older than that, Chase is required by law to make at least $225 of your check available the next business day. If your check is less than $225, you may see all of it available right away.

How Do I Endorse a Check for Chase Mobile Deposit?

If you want to make sure you endorse your check correctly for Chase Mobile deposit, sign the back of the check like you normally would and write “for electronic deposit at Chase only” underneath.

Can I Deposit Third-Party Checks through Chase Mobile Deposit?

Third-party checks are checks made payable to one person that a separate person deposits. For example, If made a check payable to my Chief Editor Adrian Volenik and Adrian wanted to give me the check, he’d sign the back of it and I’d sign underneath it, making it my check.

Chase, unfortunately, does not accept third-party checks through mobile deposit. I’d have to head into a branch in person if I wanted it in my account.

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How to Deposit Checks on Chase App in 2023 (By ex-Banker) (2024)


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