Ninja's CREAMi ice cream maker is $89 off today! | Digital Trends (2024)

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ByJohn Alexander

Ninja's CREAMi ice cream maker is $89 off today! | Digital Trends (1)

If you want to beat the summer heat and get a treat as a 2-for-1 special, seriously consider this cool treat maker from Ninja. It is the Ninja CREAMi, one of the easiest ice cream makers you can use. And right now, you can yours for $89 off, bringing the fun device from $199 to $110. This item is going super fast, with Walmart’s website (this deal is part of Walmart’s Memorial Day sale) reporting 1,000 being sold since yesterday at the time of this writing. So, be sure to hurry and tap the button below if you’re interesting in saving today. Or, keep reading to see why this maker has piqued our interests.

Why you should buy the Ninja CREAMi

The first thing to know about the Ninja CREAMi is that itis not an ice cream maker — no, it is a sorbet, milkshake,andice cream maker. With five one-touch programming buttons, you can make all three of these styles of cool treat, plus mix-in ice cream and lite ice cream.

One of the real joys of the Ninja CREAMi is the process. You start out by prepping your base, or the ingredients that you want to put in your ice cream. It can handle whatever you throw at it, so be sure to add nuts and candy bits if that’s what your mad scientist heart desires. Then freeze your concoction. Finally, insert the pint cup into the Ninja CREAMi, select your style, and serve. This kit comes with two 16 ounce (that’s a pint) containers and storage lids, meaning you can A/B test that peach-walnut ice cream that you’ve always thought would be perfect on the shelves or create fresh strawberry ice cream in one pint and a classic chocolate ice cream in the other. It’s all up to you.


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To get started down your dream path of becoming an ice cream flavor maker pro, be sure to pick up the Ninja CREAMi while it is still in stock and the sale lasts. Right now, you can get it for just $110, which is $89 down from the usual $190. All you need to do to find it is tap the button below. Then, balance out your meal with more Ninja using these Ninja Foodi deals.

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Ninja's CREAMi ice cream maker is $89 off today! | Digital Trends (2024)


Do you really have to freeze Ninja creami for 24 hours? ›

Freezing is crucial: It's paramount that the base is completely frozen into a solid block for the Ninja Creami to work effectively. Texture is key: The 24-hour freeze time results in smaller ice crystals and enhances the dessert's creaminess. For the most creamy ice cream and smoothest sorbet, this matters!

How expensive is a Ninja Creami? ›

Hovering around $180 at the time of writing, the Creami is not cheap by any measure, but compared to a compressor-based ice cream maker, it's a steal. (And it can whip smoothie bowls, shakes, and sorbets together too).

Why is the Ninja Creami sold out everywhere? ›

Due to high demand, the Ninja Creami is frequently out-of-stock across online retailers.

Is the Ninja Creami ice cream maker better than a blender? ›

Blenders are made to purée, blend (obviously!), and emulsify ingredients, where the Creami really only has one job: to turn ordinary ingredients into frozen desserts. To operate the Creami, you'll need to freeze your ingredients for 24 hours before processing them into "ice cream."

Can I put frozen fruit in the Ninja creami? ›

Ninja CREAMi Ice Cream Maker

We love our Creami. To use your frozen fruit, follow your instructions from the recipes that came with your Creami. If you want to make fruit ice cream thaw your fruit, place in a food processor and mix it with the vanilla ice cream recipe.

How long does Ninja Creami ice cream last? ›

How long does Ninja Creami ice cream last? Several weeks, even months in your freezer. But you're going to want to eat it ASAP after trying it - trust us!

What is the difference between Ninja Creami and Ninja Creami Deluxe? ›

The Ninja Creami has seven preset functions: Ice Cream, Sorbet, Lite Ice Cream, Smoothie Bowl, Gelato, and Milkshake. The Ninja Creami Deluxe has 10 preset functions divided between Scoopable and Drinkable options.

Can you crush ice in Ninja Creami? ›

A Creami is not a blender (there are plenty of top-notch Ninja blenders if that's what you're after), and the user manual makes that very clear. You don't use this machine for crushing ice or blending loose ingredients.

What can I use instead of a Ninja Creami? ›

Ninja Foodi Smoothie Maker

Turn frozen fruit into thick and creamy dessert with Ninja's impressive smoothie maker. If you're primarily interested in the Ninja Creami for its ability to blend frozen fruit into a creamy, craveable treat, you should opt for this blender instead.

Why is my Ninja Creami ice cream crumbly? ›

My frozen treat looks crumbly or powdery after processing. When bases are frozen in very cold freezers, they may come out crumbly. After running a One-Touch Program, use the RE-SPIN Program to make your frozen treat smoother and creamier.

Why is my Ninja Creami ice cream greasy? ›

If you're finding that your Ninja Creami Ice Cream has a greasy taste, it's likely due to a high butterfat content in your ice cream mix.

Why is my Ninja Creami ice cream too fatty? ›

Why is there a greasy feel to my Ninja Creami ice cream? The heavy whipping cream has a tendency to turn greasy or almost butterlike when there is too much added or it is over-mixed. To prevent this from happening, use less heavy whipping cream or substitute it with half and half or milk.

What is the newest Ninja Creami model? ›

The newly launched Ninja Creami Deluxe is not only bigger in capacity than the standard version of this best ice cream maker but also has new technology to make your mixes creamier and more delectable.

Can you refreeze Ninja Creami? ›

Yes, you can refreeze Ninja Creami ice cream. Once you have churned your mixture into a delicious, creamy texture, you may have some left over.

Do you have to pre freeze ice cream maker? ›

However, you do have to remember to pre-freeze the canister (in our experience, a solid 24 hours is often necessary) and find the space in your freezer for that. We recommend shaking the canister before using it. If you hear the coolant sloshing around at all, it's not ready to make ice cream.

Why is my Ninja creami not creamy? ›

After your first spin, sometimes you open it and find that your ice cream is crumbly or powdery. Don't stop now. Just add a tablespoon or two of liquid and spin on respin. If your ice cream has been in the freezer a long time or your freezer is extra cold, you may even have to repeat the respin several times.

How long does the Ninja Creami take to make ice cream? ›

How long does it take Ninja Creami to make ice cream? Excluding prep and freezing time, the whole process of making ice cream takes about five minutes. When I add up the durations of the three programs I employed (ice cream, re-spin and + mix-in), it equates to four minutes.


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