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Chapter 1


‘Baby, are you coming home?

I fought a grin, reading Hunter’s message.

‘Sorry, I can’t make it. Still swamped with work. Phone clutched in my right hand. I looked outside the window as I toyed with my engagement ring.

Hunter and I had been engaged for six months. We dated for two years before he proposed to me at the same bar where we met in Boston three Christmas back. He saved me from a drunken college jo ck who wouldn’t take no for an answer. It became an inside joke between us that he paid that college guy so he could come to my rescue and sweep me off my feet.

“Ipensive face emojil I miss you so much. It’s been three weeks since I last saw you,’ Hunter replied.

I can’t help but giggle. The cab driver’s curious eyes locked with mine in the rearview mirror.

“I promise to make it up to you [pleading face emoji), I replied as the cab exited the highway and entered the familiar route of Roslin City.

Excitement made my insides giddy, anticipating how Hunter would react once he saw me on his doorstep. He hates surprises. but I bet he’d like this one.

After finishing college, I took permanent residence in New York, only coming home for holidays. But when I got engaged, I decided it was time to go back home and start building a future with the love of my life.

The cab pulled to a complete stop at Hunter’s apartment building. After paying the driver. I flung my messenger bag over my shoulder and dragged my luggage through the lobby. As the lift door closed, it felt like my heart would burst each floor we ascended. My steps were extra springy as I bound towards Hunter’s unit, toying with the keys in my hand.

Pushing the door open, I meant to sing out Hunter’s name. I know he was home since it was Saturday, and it was his day off from the department. But no words came out of my mouth when I heard a woman’s voice. Frowning, I shut my mouth and listened closely, looking left to right in the hallway.

My frown deepened. The sound of a woman’s moan became more distinct, and it wasn’t coming from his neighbor’s unit but from inside my fiance’s place.

Dread annihilated all excitement in my system. As my heart drummed in my ears, beads of sweat formed on my spine. With my lower lip trapped between my teeth, I entered the apartment, my stilettos jabbing the floor. My steps weren’t silent by any means. They were just so caught up in f ucking one another, lost in the thunder of their moans and groans.

Crossing the entry towards the living room, the fervent sound of lovemaking- no, scratch that, f ucking, to be precise – intensified.

“Ah! F uck me harder, Officer!” The woman’s zealous scream was accompanied by flesh slapping against flesh. Then a loud smack echoed, followed by a man’s chuckle. “Ah!”

“You like being punished like a dirty little sl ut?” Hearing Hunter’s voice was the final nail in the coffin.

Part of me hoped that Hunter’s friend might have stayed in his place and brought a woman with him. But Hunter was a clean freak. He was unlikely to allow a friend to use his bed.

“Y-yes, Officer!” the woman whimpered, squealing as a series of smacks echoed from the room.


They were even role-playing? Hunter was dominant in bed. I knew this all too well because he introduced me to all sorts of role-playing inside the bedroom. I was hesitant at first, but because I wanted to please him, I agreed to try his Apparently, I wasn’t the only one he liked to play with.

I pinched my eyes shut. Warm liquid rolled down my cheeks.


Chapter 1

I didn’t even realize I was crying. An iron hand suddenly materialized around my neck, clutching my throat so tight I couldn’t breathe. I lift my trembling left hand on my lips, suppressing my so bs. The ground I’m standing on turned into marshmallows. I st aggered on my skyscraper shoes, feeling lightheaded. Instinctively, I reached out for something to keep me upright. The back of my knees bumped on the coffee table. I lost my balance and fell on my a ss. Cups, plates, and utensils above the table crashed on the floor, then complete silence engulfed Hunter’s apartment.

Measly seconds later, the bedroom door swung open, and a half-naked Hunter, pointing his gun around the apartment, stepped out. His gaze dropped to the floor, widening like saucers.

“Millie?” he blurted out. Then, a woman wrapped in the cerulean sheets I gifted Hunter stepped out behind him.

1 specifically ordered that color since it was the color of his eyes.

“Wha.. what are you doing here?” Hunter stuttered, taking in my current state. He dragged an inked hand over his messy hair, wild and confused blue eyes locking with mine. As though he finally gathered himself together, he kneeled before me and offered to help me stand.

I slapped his hand and used the couch as leverage, standing on my wobbly legs.

I wiped my tears to take in the woman he was f ucking seconds ago. Realization hit me like a freight train.


“Millie… Natalie whispered, wild eyes meeting my wounded ones.

Eyes bouncing back and forth between my fiance and my friend, a hairline c ack materialized in my heart. It spread so fast, with one poke, it would break into a million pieces.

Natalie was a friend from high school. She reached out to me about the same time Hunter and I got engaged. She was in tears and pretty shaken, told me she had made a few poor deals as a social media influencer. It was so bad that she faced plagiarism charges and lawsuits and lost her apartment in the process. I let her stay in my apartment here in Roslin City until she could get back on her feet and even offered a partnership on some of my contracts. She was supposed to be in California, making a vlog for the newly opened resto bar we recently signed a contract with

The tangy taste of betrayal made me scowl.

“I… I can’t f ucking believe this.” I clenched my trembling fist, molten anger coursed through my body. “How long have you two been f ucking behind my back?!”

Natalie lowered her head. Her soft, chestnut curls stuck out in every direction, mascara circled her brown eyes like a raccoon. “We didn’t mean to-.”

“You didn’t mean to?!” I cut off whatever lies she was about to spew. “What?” I huffed. “You didn’t mean to spread your legs. and my fiance just happened to be ready to shove his dic k in your vagin*?”

Offended, Natalie narrowed her eyes, biting her lower lip. She was never one to keep quiet in a confrontation, but she was wise not to argue with me. I’m not in the mood to patronize her shi tty explanation for backstabbing me and stealing my

Looking at Hunter, he opened his mouth to speak, but before he could utter a word, my hand landed on his cheek, the cra ck rang through the apartment.

“How could you?!” my voice rose an octave.

Cheeks red with my palm print, he stared at me with a storm raging in his eyes. Those same eyes that made me feel like the queen of his world every time we made love, those same eyes that looked into my soul each time he said he loved me for the past two and a half, those same eyes that are gazing at me now with uncertainty, pain, and anguish.

“I can’t believe you’d do this to me,” I said, took off my engagement ring and tossed it on his face. The diamond caught the morning light as it bounced on his cheek, falling somewhere on our feet. “We’re over..” I sobbed. “I guess that’s pretty f u cking obvious since you two were already f ucking, anyway.” I glared at Natalie. “I want you out of my apartment, ungrateful b itch.”

Chapter 1

I hastily picked up my carry-on bag and ran out of the apartment. Vision blurred with tears, I tripped over my forgotten luggage on the doorstep and fell on my knees. Cursing inwardly, I wiped my tears harshly as Hunter offered a hand to help


How many times did this scenario make my heart swell with love? He’d always been there to save me. And now he’s the one who shattered me into a million unrepairable pieces.

“I don’t need your help!” I stood, grabbed my bag and luggage, and proceeded to the elevator.

“Millie, don’t leave like this.” Hunter kept murmuring, following me through the hallway.

“Leave me alone, Hunter,” I frantically jabbed my forefinger on the elevator button. Hunter reached me, wrapping an inked hand around my biceps.

He spun, me around, eyes soft and filled with remorse. Seeing him this close, hair disheveled from his obviously busy night with my friend, reeking of another woman’s perfume on his body, threatened to break my hold on my emotions. I refused to break down in front of him, yet the pounding pain in my chest rapidly grew.

“Would you f ucking listen to me for a second?” I’d never heard him so unhinged before.

I wiped the tears my s tupid tear ducts kept spewing.

“What is there to talk about?” I said, fingers frantically punching the ground floor button.

Why is this elevator so slow? We are only on the fifth freaking floor!

You don’t understand-”

Facing him. I pushed the same finger jabbing the elevator button in his chest. “You know better than to start with that line. Detective Lean. You deal with liars and criminals for a living.

His thin lips pursed on a hard line, eyes narrowed to slits. “This isn’t all on me. Millicent.”

I gaped at him. Is he actually pointing a finger at me right now?

“You were never around. His remorseful tone took a complete turn. He made it sound as if I was an accomplice to his crimes. “When was the last time you spent an entire weekend with me? Since we got engaged, I’ve only seen you four times) I got f ucking lonely!”

“Seriously, Hunter? You’re pinning this on me? If you weren’t happy with our relationship, you should’ve ended it, not f uck my friend!” my chest was rising and falling fast, my voice echoing through the hallway

The fa rthest door on the floor creaked open. I usually avoid confrontations, but I cannot let this one slide.

Silence befell us. Our chest heaving in unison. The annoying elevator finally arrived. I stepped inside the lift. Hunter was hot on my heels, nose flaring, and his gaze could melt steel. “If you would just listen. I know I f ucked up, and I’m sorry”

“Good.” I matched his burning gaze with a razor-sharp one. Would you like a medal for admitting that?”

Now, I was just being difficult, impatiently tapping my shoes on the floor as the lift descended. Why was this elevator so f ucking slow? I need to get out of here. Why was the air suddenly so thin, and why were the walls closing on me?

F uck. It felt like I was drowning. I closed my eyes and breathed through my nose, counting from one to ten.

“Millie.” Hunter released an exasperated breath, the lift reaching the ground floor. Hunter blocked my exit and pressed the emergency button. “Just f u cking listen, Millicent! I can’t lose you I love you.”

Hearing those words from his lips used to swoon me, and made my heart beat so fast. My f ucking st upid heart that’s on the brink of exploding.

Did he even mean all those I love yous he told me before? Did he tell Natalie he loved her, too? All I could see when I looked at him was his betrayal and this pain in my chest.


Chapter 1

“Get out of my way,” I said through gritted teeth.

He reached for my face, clutching my chin. I slapped his hand away, glaring at him. He dropped his hand to the side. His smile was solemn. “Let’s just go back to my place and talk. We can figure this out together.”

“Figure out what, exactly?” my voice was broken, and my eyes began to sting. “Figure out how you can’t keep your di ck in your pants? Or how you can’t keep being faithful despite proposing to me?”

My tears streamed. I lifted my hand to my chest, f isting my blouse as I stared at Hunter straight in the eyes.

“I told you to take care of my heart, Hunter. You promise not to break it. You f ucking promised!” I wiped my tears. “But you. didn’t just break my heart. You tore it out of my chest and stomped on it with your st upid, stinky feet! So no… no matter what you say, no matter what f ucked up explanation you have for f ucking Natalie, I won’t get back with you! Even if you grovel before me.”

Read Faking it with Damian Black by Louise Jane novel Chapter 1 (2024)


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