Warframe Galvanized Mods guide: What are they and how to use them (2024)

If you’re aiming for the endgame in Warframe, odds are you’ll want a Galvanized mod or two on your weapon. Galvanized mods are a powerful part of any Tenno’s arsenal, especially with proper build synergy.

Galvanized mods are easy to obtain once you have the necessary resources, though you’ll need to engage in high-tier activities to get them (and have a veritable reserve of Endo if you want to max out more than one of them). They are similar to Corrupted or Archon mods, which also iterate on common attributes.

Here’s how you can get Galvanized mods in Warframe, what they do, and how to equip them to make your weapons even deadlier.

What are Galvanized mods in Warframe?

  • High-powered versions of common weapon mods.
  • Available through a special vendor after completing the Star Chart.
  • Generally better than base variants, but with a higher cost.
  • Require lots of Endo to max out.

Galvanized mods are enhanced versions of basic mods for weapons, such as Barrel Diffusion and Split Chamber. They offer a similar effect to their regular counterparts, but also give a bonus that activates on each kill. This makes them generally better choices if you can slot them into your build, but they have a higher energy cost.

As with other mods in the same family, you can’t equip two mods that have similar effects. Just like you can’t pair Intensify with Umbral Intensify, you can’t use Galvanized Aptitude with Rifle Aptitude.

Warframe Galvanized Mods guide: What are they and how to use them (1)

Galvanized mods are available for rifles, shotguns, and pistols. You can use these mods on any weapon that would take them; for instance, using Galvanized Scope on a bow, since they both take rifle mods. Here are all Galvanized mods in Warframe and their effects.

All Galvanized mods in Warframe and what they do

Values listed here are based on max rank mods. Galvanized mods in similar categories have similar effects and values. To get the maximum benefits out of these mods, you need to upgrade them to full rank, which will cost you around 30,000 Endo.

Mod nameTypePrimary EffectSecondary EffectEnergy/Polarity
Galvanized ChamberRifle+80 percent Multishot+30 percent Multishot on kill for 20s. Max five stacks.16, Y
Galvanized AptitudeRifle+80 percent status chance+40 percent direct damage per Status affecting the target. Two stacks maximum, lasts 20s.12, D
Galvanized ScopeRifleOn headshot: +120 percent critical chance when aiming for 12 seconds. Headshot kills grant 40 percent critical chance when aiming. 12s duration, five stacks maximum.12, Y
Galvanized HellShotgun+110 percent MultishotKills grant 30 percent Multishot. Four stacks max, 20-second duration.16, Y
Galvanized SavvyShotgun+80 percent status chanceAdds 40 percent direct damage per Status affecting the target. Maximum two stacks, 20s duration.12, D
Galvanized AccelerationShotgun+30 percent projectile speed/beam lengthExtra 30 percent projectile speed/beam length on kill. Lasts for 10 seconds, stacks up to twice.12, Y (Exilus)
Galvanized DiffusionPistol+110 percent MultishotExtra 30 percent Multishot on kill. Four-stack maximum, lasts for 20s.14, Y
Galvanized ShotPistol+80 percent status chance+40 percent direct damage per Status affecting the target. Lasts for 14 seconds, stacks up to three times.12, D
Galvanized CrosshairsPistolAfter landing a headshot, grants +120 percent critical chance when aiming for 12 secondsHeadshot kills grant 40 percent critical chance when aiming. Lasts for 12 seconds, with five stacks maximum.12, Y

How to get Galvanized mods in Warframe

Galvanized mods are purchased from the Arbitration Vendor for 20 Vitus Essence each. You need to unlock Arbitrations before obtaining Galvanized mods this way, which requires you to complete the Star Chart and post-The New War content.

Since this is the Arbitrations Vendor and not the Syndicate, you don’t need any reputation with the Arbiters of Hexis to buy Galvanized mods. They are also tradable, so you can use Platinum to buy them from other players.

How to use Galvanized mods in Warframe

Once you have your Galvanized mods, using them is simple. Equip them onto any applicable weapon like you would for any other mod, but keep in mind they have a fairly high energy cost compared to the base versions. The tradeoff is generally worth it, though, as long as it fits inside your build (and you’ll probably need a few Forma to make it fit)

The key to using Galvanized mods is knowing what works best with your builds and your weapon. Galvanized Scope works well for high-critical builds, especially since you can pair it with Point Strike (+150 percent critical chance) or Critical Delay (+200 percent critical rate, -20 percent fire rate).

Galvanized mods let you spec into multiple areas at once, with the benefit of tremendous Multishot for their respective weapon class. We recommend using Multishot and critical chance mods together due to their tremendous synergy, but status builds benefit tremendously from Galvanized Aptitude/Savvy/Shot.

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Warframe Galvanized Mods guide: What are they and how to use them (2024)


Warframe Galvanized Mods guide: What are they and how to use them? ›

Galvanized mods have a distinctive grey look with jagged outlines that set them apart from regular mods, akin to Rivens. There are currently 9 Galvanized mods in the game. These are variants of common mods with higher drain values and significantly higher stat boosts.

How do galvanized mods work? ›

Galvanized Mods are alternative versions of some mods. They have slightly lower base stats and higher maximum drain than their original counterparts, but provide additional stacking buffs from killing Enemies.

How do galvanized crosshairs work in Warframe? ›

Unlike most other galvanized mods, Galvanized Crosshairs stacks each have their own duration. Only kills from a weapon equipped with this mod will give stacks, and only the weapon equipped with this mod will benefit from the buff.

How does a galvanised scope work? ›

Unlike most other galvanized mods, Galvanized Scope stacks each have their own duration. The duration doesn't pause after you gain more stacks, so you will lose them before the visual timer on the HUD runs out.

What is the point of galvanized? ›

Galvanizing, or galvanization, is a manufacturing process where a coating of zinc is applied to steel or iron to offer protection and prevent rusting. There are several galvanizing processes available, but the most commonly offered and used method is called hot-dip galvanizing.

How does galvanize work? ›

Galvanisation or galvanization (or galvanizing as it is most commonly called) is the process of applying a protective zinc coating to iron or steel, to prevent rusting. The most common method is hot dip galvanizing, in which steel sections are submerged in a bath of molten zinc.

How do I apply mods to my Warframe? ›

To add mods to your equipment, go to your Arsenal and select the item you want to equip with mods. You will see three buttons next to the item: EQUIP - Lets you equip different items. UPGRADE - Brings you to the item's mod screen.

What is Vitus Essence used for? ›

Vitus Essence is used to buy items from the Arbitrations Vendor NPC in the Arbiters of Hexis room of any relay.

How much does a galvanized mod set cost? ›

All Galvanized Mods are obtained from the Arbitration Honors vendor. You can find the vendor in the Arbiters of Hexis syndicate room inside any Relay. All Galvanized Mods cost 20 Vitus Essence each.

Can you trade galvanized mods in Warframe? ›

Vitus Essences are only available as rewards from Arbitration events, which are rotating endgame content designed to test the players' warframe configurations. If that's too hard for anyone, then they can at least trade with other players for these Galvanized Mods, assuming they don't need the bragging rights.

How many galvanized mods are there in Warframe? ›

There are currently 9 Galvanized mods in the game. These are variants of common mods with higher drain values and significantly higher stat boosts. The key takeaway is that Galvanized mods must be triggered with kills.

How does galvanized steel not rust? ›

This type is carbon steel that has been galvanized or coated with a thin layer of zinc. The zinc acts as a barrier preventing oxygen and water from reaching the steel, providing advanced corrosion protection.

How does galvanized steel reduce rust? ›

When steel is exposed to oxygen and moisture, a chemical reaction occurs that forms iron oxide, also known as rust. Rust weakens the steel and can eventually lead to structural failure. Galvanizing prevents this process by creating a barrier between the steel and the surrounding environment.

How does galvanized pipe work? ›

What are galvanized pipes? Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that have been dipped in a protective zinc coating to prevent corrosion and rust. Galvanized piping was commonly installed in homes built before 1960. When it was invented, galvanized pipe was an alternative to lead pipe for water supply lines.

How does cold galvanizing spray work? ›

The zinc-rich paints used in cold galvanizing are different from conventional coatings due to the presence of a binding compound. These binders allow the zinc to mechanically bind to the steel to offer an effective level of protection.


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