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Yoki Sturrup is a famous social media star, influencer and amazing promoter communicator. She is the creator of a renowned Youtube channel entitled “YokiSturrup”. Belonging to America, she has garnered a lot of popularity among folks because of her amazing fashion sense, travel vlogging, endorsem*nts and hilarious challenges on Youtube. Until now, she has uploaded a highly considerable amount of videos on her channel along with her husband. This year she is nominated for “Breakout Creator of the Year”, USA.

Besides Youtube, Yoki has a huge fan following on her self-titled Instagram account. The strong lady has inspired hundreds and thousands of people with her pictures of fast cars, big trucks and more specifically big guns. She is an avid hunter who loves to hunt hogs, which is usually large adult pig. In this article, I will provide you with detailed information about Yoki Sturrup’s social media career, physical appearance, income and little about her personal life. So without any further delay, scroll down the screen.

Early Life

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Yoki was born and raised in the United States of America. She has American citizenship. She is of mixed race. However, the exact date, year and place are unknown as she didn’t reveal many details about her early life and education. Currently, she is living with her husband in Miami, Florida.

Currently, there is no information available about her parents and siblings. Yoki seems to be a really private lady and like many other celebrities, she doesn’t want to discuss much of her private life and wants to keep her personal life away from public views. Her husband, however, assists her in making videos and serves as a cameraman to shoot her videos. Yoki along with her husband is currently living in Miami, Florida.

Youtube Career

The solid and influential lady created her own Youtube channel “Yoki Sturrup” on Feb 16, 2024. On the same day, she uploaded her first video while dedicating her love for hunting named “Hunt Wild Boar viewer discretion is advised”.Until now, this video has been watched by 28,195 viewers.

After this hit, he started uploading videos more frequently. There is a variety of content on her Youtube channel. She shoots videos on traveling, hunting, fitness, cooking, and giveaway videos.

Above all, being a gut nut and skillful marksman, Yoki’s most videos are about gun reviews, their worth, weight, grip size, texture, and frame of different guns. Within a span of just one year (as of 2024), Yoki has gathered 440K subscribers. According to her Youtube channel’s stats, she has gotten 63,161,095 views on all her videos until now.

After getting married, she started shooting videos with her husband. So far, Yoki has uploaded about 224 videos. Videos entitled “Fried Ribs | Potato Salad | Bake Beans In 4K”, “Skinning and Quartering Wild Boar Catch”, “Yokgang”, “YokGang pullup” and “Ox Tail Cuban Style (Rabo Ensendido) in 4K” are among her the most viewed creations.

Instagram Account

Apart from Youtube, Yoki is highly active on Instagram. She is really admired among the audience due to her strong influence and inspiring personality. Inspite of being a private account, it has 162K followers. The username of her Instagram account is @yokisturrup. She loves to arrange “YokGang Hunt” and giveaways to allow her fans the opportunity to win prizes on her social accounts.

YokGang Apparel

Recently, Yoki launched her online clothing brand “YokGang Apparel” for the fans of YokGang. The aim of this brand is to provide 100% cotton quality T-shirts with the label of YokGang printed on it. Along with T-shirts, YokGang PVC gun bag patches are also available.

For further details visit yokgang.com/.

Height and Weight

Yoki with a captivating personality is about 5 feet 9 inches taller. She weighs approximately 68kg. She always has a significant glow on her pretty face. Her brown eyes with curly brown hair make her personality more charming.

Net Worth

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Yoki Sturrup has never revealed her wealth or earnings. But according to some research and social media, media sources claim that her net worth is $1M approximately. Her main sources of income are Youtube, paid and sponsored Instagram posts, business ventures and her clothing brand.

Her daily earnings are somewhere around $800. Moreover, taking in the average earnings from advertising on the channel, she is estimated to earn around $22,000 monthly.

Age and Birthday

There is no information available about Yoki’s birth date, age, and zodiac sign. However, she seems to be in her late 20s. The birthday vlog of her husband is on his Youtube channel, but no one knows about Yoki’s birth details.


Yoki is a big game hunter. She likes to hunt hogs and wild boars. She has a huge collection of guns and invests a large income in her passion for guns. Besides hunting, her content shows that she loves to cook.

In her free time, she loves to watch movies. Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie are her favorite actors. In sports, she loves to play and watch football. Her favorite sports personality is Drew Christopher Brees, who is a former American footballer.


•She is the creator of a Youtube channel “YokiSturrup”.

•She invests a lot of money in buying guns.

•She has launched an online brand named “YokGang Apparel”.

•She is a huge car and truck enthusiast.

•Her net worth is $1M.

•She is a non-vegetarian.

•She is nominated for “Breakout Creator of the Year”, in the USA this year.


Yoki Sturrup - Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki - Topics Mag (3)

Is Yoki Sturrup married?

Yoki Sturrup is a married woman. Her husband is the cameraman behind her YouTube video uploads.

What kind of food does Yoki like to have?

Yoki is basically non – vegetarian. So, she mostly prefers to have all kinds of meat.

What is her brand name?

Her online clothing brand name is “YokGang Apparel”.


This was the complete information about “Yoki Sturrup ” that I curated through the internet. I hope you will enjoy this biography and get satisfactory answers to your questions. Any mistake that you might’ve noticed or any edit that you want to suggest is always welcome in the comment box below.

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Yoki Sturrup - Height, Weight, Net Worth, Age, Birthday, Wiki - Topics Mag (2024)


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