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Very few people have been able to capture the Australian YouTube and social media niches quite in the way that SunnyV2, aka Lachlan, has.He has acquired a loyal following of millions of subscribers on his YouTube within three years.Usually, he makes commentary videos on real-life happenings around the world and inside the YouTube bubble – most of his art is formatted as video essays in which he compiles a series of videos, photographs, and art behind which he plays his unique narration.

SunnyV2 has been given much credit for his ability to keep track of everything happening within the YouTube circles and always jump on every news or scandal as soon as possible.Most fans also admire his unique ability to form coherent takes on extremely complex situations and establish the ethical side of things.Lachlan makes sure to do adequate research and take care not to propagate incorrect information at any cost.


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Sunnyv2 Face

Who is SunnyV2? Wiki, Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth - ExploreProfile.com (1)

Age, Biography and Wiki

Real NameLachlan
Date of Birth7 September 1996
Age as of 202327 years
Birth SignVirgo

Early life

SunnyV2’s original name is Lachlan Windross. He is an Australian-born creator who is currently 26 years old.His birthday is on 7th September, and the year in which he was born happens to be 1996. At present, he lives in Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia.

He is an attractive young creator, a Caucasian male with deep blonde hair and a wide contagious smile.While his face reveals is now a common piece of information, many of his fans were unaware of his appearance for a very long time due to his video essay content creation formula.

He has often talked about how much he loves creating videos and is an active creator who releases videos weekly on his channel.He has recently also started a second channel for gaming, which he has cleverly named SunnyV3. This channel was inaugurated on 9th August 2021.

While this channel is currently inactive, there is no doubt that Lachlan is a creator who has a study interest in gaming.His first experience with YouTube was as a Runescape streamer and then as a Fortnite streamer.


A certain part of Sunny V2’s success can be ascribed to his debut’s blessed and prosperous timing.He started making videos in 2020 in the early months of Covet when the whole YouTube community was heavily leaning towards commentary and discussion of socio-political issues.

There was a huge cultural shift from the millennial generation to the Gen Z generation, and Sunny made content that appealed to the interests and ethics of the younger viewers.His earliest famous hit was the video on ‘Boogie2988’, which has over 200,000 views on his channel.

With this video and another called “The Impossible Downfall of Stampy” (easily one of his most-liked videos and has 5.5 million views), he was not only starting trends but also bringing a whole new genre of content to the surface.He has also been turned into a conspiracy theory creator though this title comes with its opposition.

SunnyV2 Net Worth

SunnyV2’s current net worth is assumed to be around 3-4 million USD. Since he has only been contributing to YouTube for four years, it is fascinating how he made such a wonderful and comfortable career in such little time.

Very little is known about how Lachlan lives behind the scenes, and we know he has not publicly announced any relationship or family!It can be assumed, however, that he is having much fun and continues to create content because he wants to!

Net Worth3-4 million USD
Income SourceYouTube, Ads and Sponsorships

Factsabout Sunny V2

  • He has created videos with and about creators like Dan Bilzerian, Stampy, Joe Rogan, Sidemen, MrBeast, and Internet Ajay.
  • Some of his earliest creations on the present Sunny V2 channel were YouTube documentaries.
  • He has a special downfall series covering the life of YouTubers who were once very famous but were cast out of the YouTube circle for scandals and toxicity.
  • The YouTube channel Sunny V2 has 3.4 million subscribers at present.
  • Once, Lachlan created a video on Diesel Patches and got a very positive response from him.
  • Because he has many strong opinions, he has also attracted criticism from people with similar knowledge about YouTube culture and general ethics.
  • His display picture on the YouTube channel is based on King Leopold of Belgium’s portrait, which previously represented James Cook.
  • He started the video channel Sunny V2 on 22nd January 2019.
  • His Instagram ID is @lachlan_version2.
  • KSI has regularly observed Lachlan.


Who is SunnyV2?

SunnyV2 is an Australian YouTuber, who makes commentary videos on real-life happenings around the world.

How old is SunnyV2?

As of 2023, he is 27 years old.

What is SunnyV2 real name?

His real name is Lachlan.

What is the highest number of views that any SunnyV2 video has?

17 million views is the highest number of views any SunnyV2 video has ever received. He received these views on his video “How Primitive Building Videos Are Staged”.

Who is behind SunnyV2?

SunnyV2’s original name is Lachlan Windross. He is an Australian-born creator who is currently 26 years old.

What allegations has SunnyV2 faced?

He has faced allegations of transphobia after making a video on Chrys Tyson’s gender transitioning, which most people consider insensitive and downright unethical. Many people have also stated that Sunny had repeatedly refused to address people using their preferred pronouns.

Where is Sunnyv2 from?


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Who is SunnyV2? Wiki, Face Reveal, Age, Net Worth - ExploreProfile.com (2024)


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