Ed2G0 (2024)

1. Ed2Go

  • Carl Sandburg College

  • With hundreds of online classes, career training programs, and certification prep courses, we have the professional development you need to start a new career or get your next promotion.

2. Ed2Go Online Programs | IIMC - Official Website

  • IIMC has approved online courses through ed2go. Courses completed through ed2go are eligible for 1 CMC Experience point per 6 hours or 1 MMC Advanced Education ...

  • Ed2Go

3. More Opportunities · Customer Self-Service - Autry Portal

4. Career Training Certificate Programs | Online Professional Development ...

  • JER Online · ed2g0 Career Training Programs Logo. Prepare for employment in some of today's most desirable career fields with comprehensive and affordable ...

  • BETA is partnered with Ed2go, Campus CE, MedCerts, 360 Training, GDA, and WITS to bring online training to the next level around the globe. These include 6-week personal and professional development courses and career training certificate programs. Areas include accounting and finance, business, computer apps, media & web design, health care & medical, language, law & legal, technology sustainability/green, skilled trade, writing and industrial.

5. Online Partner Training | Polk State College

  • + ed2g0. The industry leader in adult online courses, Cengage provides high-quality distance learning opportunities in continuing education that are ...

  • Online Courses: Your Education Is Just a Click Away! Polk State Corporate College offers customized programs and certification courses by utilizing leading online-learning partners that provide career training for individuals in fields such as business, communications,…

Online Partner Training | Polk State College

6. Paralegal Certificate Program 1 (OLT) - Autry Portal

  • Ed2G0 Decide if becoming a paralegal is the right career path for you. This course helps you discover the many aspects of what paralegals do by learning the ...

7. Contracted Services | Kellogg Community College

  • Must-have professional workplace skills and credentials, 100% online: ... Browse the full online catalog on KCC's ed2g0 homepage. Advanced Training Programs.

  • A skilled workforce is necessary in order to compete in today’s increasingly competitive global market. Workforce Solutions offers a variety of contracted services to help business and industry build and maintain its workforce, including assessments, customized training courses and online learning opportunities.

8. MDNC courses at Corning Community College | Coursicle CCC

  • ... Nursing Assistant OE · MDNC 0150. Cert Phlebotomy Tech ED2GO · MDNC 0320. RN Refresher · MDNC 0800. CPC Med Billing Coding ED2G0. No results. Try a different ...

  • Chat with other students in your classes, plan your schedule, and get notified when classes have open seats.

MDNC courses at Corning Community College | Coursicle CCC

9. Ed2Go FAQ | Education for professionals at PCC

  • Online Ed2Go Class Registration. Registration is completed through the Ed2Go website, *not PCC's registration system*.

  • FAQ

Ed2Go FAQ | Education for professionals at PCC
Ed2G0 (2024)


Is ed2go worth it? ›

No customer consider ed2go overall a good value option, based on a rating of 1.33 from 12 votes. The most common issues with ed2go are around Return Policy, Customer Service and Price & Quality based on a rating of 1.43, 1.78 and 1.71.

Does ed2go give you a certificate? ›

When you complete your ed2go online education, you receive a certificate from one of our 2,000 educational partners.

Does ed2go offer college credit? ›

Ed2Go classes are not-for-credit and will not be eligible for transfer. As with all Community Education classes and programs, ed2go classes are for personal enrichment and professional development only.

Is ed2go accredited in Texas? ›

Our partnership with Dallas schools lets us provide you with accredited courses and college extension programs that are ideal for working adults.

What is a passing grade on ed2go? ›

We, ed2go, suggest a grade of 65% as the minimum passing grade. Partners have the option to set the completion score requirements higher, or lower, than 65%. This is done in the Fundamentals Online Administration Center under the Account tab option #8, Certificate of Completion Info and clicking Edit Info.

Is ed2go owned by Cengage? ›

Later this year, Apax Partners and OMERS Capital Partners buy Thomson Learning and the company is renamed Cengage Learning. 2004 Seeing opportunity for millions of adults to upskill and reskill, Thomson acquires Education to Go (now ed2go), a provider of online adult education courses.

What is the alternative to ed2go? ›

Top 5 ed2go.com Alternatives & Competitors
  • augusoft.net. 139,385. 31,518. 376.41K. 3.7. 47.22%
  • edu2.com. 317,885. 69,418. 130.39K. 2.4. 45.54%
  • distancelearningportal.com. 423,552. 183,966. 89.64K. 3.3. 58.87%
  • onlineu.com. 261,934. 61,733. 167.43K. 1.3. 87.12%
  • smartcatalogiq.com. 67,213. 14,123. 935.77K. 3.8. 31.9%

Are free online certificates worth it? ›

Free online classes can't replace a formal degree. However, these courses can help you build concrete skills and knowledge, establish a specialization within your field and stay up to date in fast-changing industries.

Will online certificates get you a job? ›

While employers prefer candidates who have attended offline classes and degree courses, you can also develop your skills with online courses. Use these courses to learn new skills and improve the current ones. Join courses relevant to your target industry, job, role, and profession.

Is ed2go refundable? ›

REFUND POLICY: For refunds requested within 10 calendar days commencing on the date listed as the Start Date in the ed2go Student Center, 100% of the tuition amount shall be refunded, provided no more than 50% of the program has been completed and all course materials are returned in as-new condition to ed2go at the ...

How long has ed2go been in business? ›

ed2go was founded in 1997 to provide quality education the fastest way possible — online. What began as an email correspondent program has grown into a leading online continuing education provider, reaching life - long learners in 50 states and more than 16 countries.

Is Coursera a college credit? ›

Coursera noted that students who would like to receive a college credit for the classes must sign up for the course in what it calls Signature Track. That verifies the student's participation. The student must also pay to take a proctored exam, through ProctorU, a separate company.

Do you get certificates from ed2go? ›

When students successfully complete an Instructor-Moderated Course or a Self-Guided Course, if you have chosen to allow for online certificates, the certificate of completion will automatically be available to the student for print or download in their My Classroom homepage immediately after successfully passing the ...

Is online school legal in Texas? ›

Students may choose to attend an approved full-time online school through their local LEA or attend an approved statewide full-time online school.

What is the number one online high school in Texas? ›

iUniversity Prep

#1 Best Public Online High Schools in Texas.

Can you really make money from online courses? ›

An average course creator can make a few thousand dollars per month selling online courses full-time. If you are starting out part time, you can expect a few hundred dollars initially, but this depends on a lot of factors like the price of your course, your audience, and your marketing & selling skills.

What is the best online learning provider? ›

Top 10 Online Course Providers
  • HubSpot Academy.
  • Coursera for Business.
  • KodeKloud.
  • LinkedIn Learning.
  • Udemy Business.
  • Whizlabs.
  • Uxcel.
  • Pluralsight Skills.

Which course website is the best? ›

  • Udemy. Best For | Affordable classes for professional skills. ...
  • Coursera. Best For | On-demand higher education degrees, university certificates, and credits. ...
  • Masterclass. Best For | On-demand classes from industry experts across fields. ...
  • edX. ...
  • Skillshare. ...
  • LinkedIn Learning. ...
  • Alison. ...
  • Udacity.
Jan 22, 2024


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